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Look no further Mozilla Thunderbird is for you, today i was trying to use Evolution Email client… you know the one that comes whit Gnome Desktop Environment, but some network problems appear, the client didn’t connect to the net… i went to the good old Internet and try to fix it but has the time right?, then i remember about Thunderbird and surprisely it was really to configure and in just couple of clicks and types i was already sending and receiving email like a pro (joke). the most notable screen of the whole process is show below. So if you are looking for an email client Thunderbird is the right choice. RERSC Blog Recommendation.

Here is the screen were you setup all the info to start, like i said easy peasy:

That’s all for now. See you later alligator  : )


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Rafael es TSU en Informática / Ing de Sistemas / Autor de El Gran libro de Debian GNU/Linux en 2015 fundo EnjoySistemas y actualmente se desempeña como Consultor Freelance.

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